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Why Healthy Kids Need Chiropractic Care

Posted on April 18, 2012 by Dr. Andrea Hoglen

Reason # 5 - It is an important developmental time.

As infants, we form the foundations for the posture we will have the rest of our lives. We learn to crawl and we learn to walk. These two accomplishments are more important than most parents realize. Crawling helps to strengthen the neural connection between the two halves of the brain, as the motion of arm and opposite leg requires coordination of both sides at once. In addition, proper biomechanics are required for both walking and crawling. If your child's pelvis is rotated, due to something as simple as their position in the uterus, their little uncoordinated legs have to do double the effort in both compensating for rotation and the motion of walking/crawling. The way that we learn to crawl and then walk helps to form the normal curves of the spine that we carry through to adulthood. Chiropractors will evaluate your child’s biomechanics, correcting any issues through the use of gentle techniques designed and developed specifically for children. As a bonus, correcting the spine will improve your child's neural plasticity (brain and nervous system growth).

Reason #4 - All kids fall down.

It's simply the nature of childhood. Your kids will run and jump and play, and when they do that, they'll trip, fall, slip, or fumble. Bumps and bruises are something that is just part of growing up, but they may be impacting your child just as much as if they had a major injury. Again, it comes back to biomechanics. If your child falls, scrapes their knee, and gets up to keep playing, they won't be thinking about whether or not the joints in their spine or their knees are functioning properly. As a parent, you can. The fixation in their spine might not cause them as much pain as the abrasion on their knee, but over time, it can affect the surrounding joints, muscles, and even the nerves. Chiropractors frequently care for playful children on a regular schedule. This means bringing your child in for a check-up more frequently during their active years, to correct any fixations before they have a chance to form lasting effects in the body. Many parents set their children up on a monthly schedule, and then bring them in for an adjustment if they trip, fall, or get a big "boo-boo". Not only does the adjustment correct any fixations, but it is also able to speed the healing process. (Though, to your child, nothing is ever more effective that mommy's kisses).

Reason #3 - Kids get sick.

Even healthy kids get exposed to an arsenal of germs at school, at daycare, at the playground, and anywhere they go. Why wait until they get sick? Regular chiropractic care has been shown to increase the movement of White Blood Cells in the blood stream. This means more immune fighter cells out on patrol in your child's body. In addition, many chiropractors use nutrition to enhance their practice. Adding supplements such as a pro-biotic and a multi-vitamin to your child's daily regimen can help their immune system fight off colds and flu. If your child does get sick, chiropractic care still enhances the immune system in order to speed the healing process. Supplements can aid your child to fight off the bug without the need for antibiotics. If you child does require antibiotics to fight an infection, the use of a probiotic supplement can help restore the natural intestinal colonies that are inevitably killed-off with the use of pharmaceutical intervention.

Reason #2 - To fix the hidden problems.

Your child might appear healthy. Your child might have one or two health concerns that "aren't that bad". Either way, if you want to keep them healthy, you want to address problems even before your child starts complaining of symptoms. Many health concerns that crop up throughout childhood are often attributed to other causes, but chiropractic care has been shown to help them nonetheless. Research and clinical evidence has shown that chiropractic care can help with frequent ear infection, colic, irritable baby syndrome, asthma, allergies, bed wetting, sleep issues, and many more. If your chiropractor practices nutrition or applied kinesiology, they may be able to discover food or chemical sensitivities that are affecting your child. These sensitivities can lead to digestive concerns, behavior issues, emotional issues, concentration problems, and even issues with sleep. Find out what you can do to help your child avoid these hidden food sensitivities.

Reason #1 - Wellness!

Even if your kid is the healthiest kid in the world, you want them to stay that way. Chiropractors help to promote health and wellness throughout your lifespan, building the foundation for health that truly lasts. What more reason do you need? 

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