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Healthy Halloween
Tips and Tricks

Posted on October 13, 2014 by Dr. Andrea Hoglen

We all know that the sugar rush is coming - so check out these tips and tricks to prevent sugar-overload for your family.

On Halloween Night:
Have a high protein dinner with a salad. The protein and fiber will help to slow the impact of candy on your family's blood sugar levels.

Drink only water on Halloween Day. Avoid ANY additional sugars, like those found in soda, fruit juices, and other flavored drinks.

Use a smaller Trick-or-Treating container.
Once its full, Trick-or-Treating is over, so your child will come home with fewer pieces of candy overall.

Discuss your plans for portion control post-Halloween.
Make sure your kids know what's coming, and that they won't be allowed to simply eat all the candy right away.

Beyond Halloween Night:

Eating Candy? Eat protein and fiber too!
Whether it's a high-protein meal or just a protein shake, you should aim to get about 25g of protein if you really want to counteract the impact of all that sugar on your body.

Take a B-Vitamin along with a fiber supplement to help lessen the impact of the sugar, similar to the effect of protein

Portion Control the candy! Pre-Package 1-3 pieces in snack sized baggies so that your child knows that is ALL they can grab for the day! Having a container out and available for grabbing will lead to unchecked sugar consumption and dangerous blood sugar spikes.

Trade in your candy for prizes. Allow your child to trade in their candy for a new game or toy. Donate the candy to a local charitable organization. Check out Operation Gratitude and send your extra candy to support our troops overseas. 

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